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Oral Exams

Oral health is crucial to overall well-being, and regular oral exams are vital in maintaining a healthy and radiant smile. Oral exams conducted by dental professionals at Wayne T. Yee, DDS, are comprehensive evaluations of the mouth, teeth, and surrounding tissues. These routine check-ups go beyond merely examining the teeth; they help detect early signs of dental issues, promote preventive care, and ensure optimal oral health. Oral exams are an essential part of preventive dental care. They allow dental professionals to regularly assess and monitor a patient's oral health. Through oral exams, potential dental problems can be identified early, allowing timely intervention and treatment. Additionally, oral exams provide an opportunity for dental education, helping patients understand the importance of oral hygiene practices and adopting a proactive approach to oral health.

Wayne T. Yee, DDS

What to Expect During an Oral Exam?

Visual Examination of Your Mouth and Teeth

The oral exam typically starts with visually inspecting your mouth, teeth, and surrounding tissues. The dentist or dental hygienist will use a small mirror and a bright light to examine the inside of your mouth. They will check for any signs of abnormalities, such as tooth decay, gum disease, oral sores, or other oral health issues.

Dental X-rays

Dental X-rays may sometimes be necessary to obtain a more comprehensive view of your oral health. X-rays can reveal hidden dental problems, such as cavities between teeth, impacted teeth, bone loss, and other issues that may not be visible during the visual exam. Dental X-rays are safe and provide valuable information for the dental team to develop an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

Periodontal Assessment

A crucial part of the oral exam is the periodontal assessment, which evaluates the health of your gums. The dental professional will use a small measuring instrument called a probe to measure the depth of the gum pockets around each tooth. Deeper gum pockets may indicate gum disease, leading to tooth loss if left untreated.

Oral Cancer Screening

An essential aspect of the oral exam is oral cancer screening. The dental professional will carefully check your mouth, lips, tongue, and throat for any suspicious lumps, bumps, or discolorations that could indicate the presence of oral cancer. Early detection of oral cancer can lead to more effective treatment and improved outcomes.

Wayne T. Yee, DDS
Wayne T. Yee, DDS

The Benefits of Regular Oral Exams

Early Detection of Dental Issues

Regular oral exams facilitate early detection of dental problems, such as cavities, gum disease, oral cancer, and enamel erosion. Early intervention leads to more conservative and effective treatments.

Preserving Natural Teeth

Detecting dental problems early allows for conservative treatments that can preserve natural teeth and prevent the need for more invasive procedures or tooth extractions.


Oral exams are fundamental to maintaining optimal oral health and preventing dental issues. By scheduling regular oral exams, you empower yourself to take control of your dental health and make informed decisions about your oral care. For the best dental care tailored to your unique needs, visit Wayne T. Yee, DDS, at 3125 Coffee Rd # 1, Modesto, CA 95355, or call (209) 529-2726.

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